Our Work Talks For Us

HQ Media Solutions was born as a response to the ever growing need of a professional, quality and human sensibility filled work environment in the world of audiovisual translation.
We are a Mexican company. Between both of the founders, we add up to 15 years of experience in translation, subtitling, adaptation to dubbing, closed caption, recording and postproduction.
The company is devoted, from its foundations, to offer quality work, and solutions to every media challenge that our clients can face, without leaving aside the human aspect and making sure that every person that decides to add us to their working team has personalized, polite, kind and professional attention and treatment.
Our mission is to perform high quality work that solves and satisfies our clients’ media needs, always creating an atmosphere of professionalism and human warmth, to ensure the best result possible and the best quality in our deliveries.
Enhancing and perpetuating Mexico’s recognition in dubbing and subtitling, creating a work environment between clients, translators, actors, directors and other people, that is healthy, professional and encourages everyone to create as a finish result a Project of the best quality possible.